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Mercury Outboard Dealer


Welcome to the world of Mercury.
A world of pleasure, excitement and freedom.

From products to service, to customer satisfaction, Mercury outperforms the competition at every turn.

Verado Outboards – Only Mercury offers an exclusive engine concept that delivers the best two-stroke performance in a four-stroke package, with convenience-enhancing features that make every boat ride a unique experience.

Like an eagle gliding through the air, Verado jets you through the water like no other engine will do.  Breathtaking top speed and acceleration for when you like going to extremes, or ultra smooth operation to enjoy relaxing moments.

If your passion is water sports then Mercury OptiMax is your power of choice.

Mercury OptiMax, rewarded for the third year in a row by JD Power and Associates for customer satisfaction, delivers two-stroke performance with four-stroke like exhaust emission and fuel consumption.

OptiMax can save considerably on fuel expenses, even compared to many four-stroke engines in the same power class.  Lighter than four-strokes in their class, the OptiMax models offer Power–to–weight advantages on every boat and feature excellent acceleration and overall performance.

Mercury is also the leader in four-stroke technology with the most modern and the broadest range of four-stoke outboards in the industry. Mercury for-stroke outboards run cleaner, quieter, and deliver smooth, responsive performance all while cutting your fuel and maintenance bill. Mercury four-strokes offer the biggest range of four-stroke EFI, (Electronic Fuel Injecton)  power that no other brand comes anywhere near.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) ensures instant starts, great all-round performance, reliability and fuel economy.

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Upper Largo Chandlery,
5 Main Street, Upper Largo, Fife, KY8 6EJ

Mercury Outboard Dealer

Prop: Val Knox
Engineer: Jim Knox.

Tel / Fax: 01333 360217


Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday 9 am to 1 pm
Sunday Closed.